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‘TIHAR’’ in Nepal: when Good conquers evil in a Lovely colorful blast of lights and fireworks…

14th May, 2020

This wonderful ‘Festival of Lights’ is wrapped up at home in a loving ritual when sisters put the auspicious ‘Tika’ on the forehead of brothers in return for gifts and money from their brothers and then chat up mischievous memories of merry times gone by amid the sharing of delicious sweet meats, meat and other delicacies.


13th March, 2020

If you are in Kathmandu the streets of Thamel and Durbar Square are the best places. Durbar square can be absolutely packed with people whereas the small streets of Thamel are filled with kids looking to sneak up on you with water-guns and balloons. If you are in Pokhara just walk along the main Lakeside Road. Even if you are trekking in some of the less populated regions you will still find kids playing Holi, but its not quite the same experience as being in Kathmandu where somebody will have a go at you…the above mentioned areas are the most happening places for holi with the biggest concentration of tourists found in these areas; but by and large, holi is played aggressively throughout the ancient valley on this day…

Rafting the Karnali Corridor…Aqua thrills of an exceptional kind…

16th December, 2019

There are some places on planet earth that are simply unavoidable and unforgettable which not only results in cherished memories [and/or the joys of receiving your fresh laundry!], but also teaches us so much about life. Nepal’s Karnali region, ideally placed in the Midwestern part of Nepal, is one such place.

Subedi Elected As President of TAAN

7th September, 2019

Khum Bahadur Subedi, Director of Unique Adventure International Pvt. Ltd. has won the election in the post of President on 6th September 2019 at 41st Annual General Meeting of Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN).

Lukla Flight Based From Ramechhap Airport

3rd July, 2019

Please note that all regular flights from Kathmandu to Lukla and vice versa are rerouted to operate from/to Manthali Airport, Ramechhap.


17th June, 2019

Every year there are many solo trekkers in Nepal that go missing. Without a guide or someone with you disaster can and does strike quickly. However, in all cases do make sure you have the right type of travel insurance for trekking in Nepal.

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness in Everest Base Camp Trek?

22nd April, 2018

Mount Everest standing tall in Nepal has been the dream destination for people across the globe. Being world’s tallest mountain the peak attracts lots of people either for the realization of their wilderness adventure mountaineering dream or for sheer joy in life. Whatever are the reason people have been flocking the area. Many people can’t scale such a gigantic peak however they can reach at least up to its base camp by trekking. Therefore, every year thousands of people embark on voyage of Everest Base Camp Trek.

Everest Cho La Pass Gokyo Lake Trek – Alluring Trekking route in Everest Region

20th August, 2017

Among many trekking routes of Everest Region - EBC Gokyo Chola Pass Trek is an amalgamation of adventure, mountain vistas, Sherpa hamlets and iconic Base Camp moments. Trekking in such trail would undoubtedly bring wilderness adventure in your travel tale moments of life.

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