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Trekking and Climbing Adventure Resumes in Nepal

Trekking and Climbing adventures resume in Nepal from 17 October as the government has relaxed the restriction after six months of lockdown. The COVID-19 lockdown had brought all the trekking and climbing activities at a halt including other businesses. The tourism industry in Nepal fell back to the root as the result of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the lockdown was a part of the attempt to contain the virus, it affected the businesses and crippled the economy. It has left irreparable damage in the tourism industry and other sectors in the country. 

While it is still uncertain how the travel industry worldwide will receive the travelers’ response, Nepal has relaxed the restriction on trekking and climbing adventures to come into effect from 17 October. As the international and domestic flights, overland transportation, hotels, restaurants, and other sectors open for business, the tourism industry also gets ready with the required preparation. All Businesses should follow strict safety protocols. It is the necessary first step to revive tourism in Nepal. 

If you want to travel to Nepal, you need to have the latest COVID-19 negative report to enter the country. You will also need to stay in 7-day quarantine in a hotel before you can start the trip. Whether you want to trek in the Everest region or go on a peak climbing adventure, you can enjoy the adventure now following the COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Unique Adventure International’s Post-COVID-19 Trip Preparation

After the government’s announcement of resuming trekking and climbing, the team at Unique Adventure International has been preparing actively for the operation of future trips. We have been training our entire team including guides and support staff about the safety measures and protocols. 

We have been preparing the safety standards to follow while operating the trips so that you can experience the adventure in a safe atmosphere. From keeping the groups small to proper sanitization, we have prepared strict guidelines to operate the trips. 

When you book your post-COVID-19 trekking adventure with us, you are looking for safety first. We will send you the detailed guidelines that all travelers and Nepalese team members will follow during the operation of a trip. 

Given that the situation does not change, we have been ready to take you for an experience of trekking in Nepal. 

COVID-19 in Nepal

The pandemic of coronavirus did not also spare Nepal, as it affected almost the entire world. Many people have been the victims of this virus, but most of them have recovered successfully. The death toll is very low compared to the number of people affected. 

You can find more information about the COVID-19 situation in Nepal in this link.

While we cannot be careless to ignore the danger of the virus, it has been an obvious fact that we need to live with it, at least for some time now. This virus is not going to disappear magically, and things are not changing suddenly back to normal. A new 'normal' practice of moving forward in life has to be part of our life. 

So, stay safe, stay strong!  And get ready to travel.


Author: Unique Adventure International

Date: 23rd September, 2020

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