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Nepal is rich in ethnicity. Wedding system in Nepal varies from the religion and ethnic group. Unique Adventure International has a special wedding package for foreign couple willing to marry a Nepalese way.

This program is specially designed for the foreign couples willing to experience or follow Nepali marriage system. We have different marriage system in Nepal. Generally Hindu and Buddhist are more practiced marriage traditions of Nepal. In addition, Newari marriage system which is specially practiced in Kathmandu valley is popular among Newar ethnic community. Foreign couple, willing to get married in Nepal, can choose any of them. We are there for the complete arrangement.
Types of marriage system in Nepal:

Traditional Hindu Marriages:

According to Hinduism, couple once married is tied for seven rebirths. There is no provision of divorce in this marriage system if anybody does that is regarded as a great sin. Nepalese marriage system is unique and rich in culture which completes after a long spiritual process.

This marriage system is being practiced by Hindu people since ancient time. According to this system, astrologers (Jyotis) decide an auspicious date which falls in the special months of a year. Generally dates are decided for 3rd week of January to 2nd week of March, Mid-April to Mid-June and 3rd week of November to 3rd week of December. Hindu marriages are performed in accordance with the Vedas. Vedas are thousands of years old holy scriptures of Hindu Religion that is considered to own the essence of Hinduism.

During the ceremony, marriage Venue is decorated with colorful flowers and lights. Bridal color is red. Bride is beautifully made up with much jewelry and decorated net covering her head.

The distinct feature of Hindu marriage is that it takes place on the earth under a canopy, (made with sacred plants, threads, cereals and other holy things) with sacred fire at center which is known as Bibaha Mandap. The Bridegroom arrives with a carnival (Janti) and musical team (popularly used are Panche Paja or Brass Band). Music makes the ceremony lovely and charming. The Pandit (preist) suggests the marrying couple to undergo various rituals together in the Mandap. The main ritual of the ceremony is Kanyadan (handing over of bride to groom by her parents) and Sindurarpan (Offering Red Sindur on brides’ head by groom). All this procedure is performed at bride’s place/home. After completing the ceremony, the bridegroom’s carnival takes bride to his place. In the past wooden box was used to carry the bride which now a days is replaced by cars.

We would like to suggest interested couple to choose Pashupatinath Temple, Balaju Water Garden, Gujeshwari temple, Dakshinkali temple or Bhadrakali temple in Kathmandu and Bindhabasini temple in Pokhara to perform Hindu marriage ceremonies.

Traditional Buddhist Marriages

Buddhist marriage ceremonies have distinct feature to differentiate from others. In Nepal, relatives from both bride and bridegroom's side gather together to participate the ceremony.

The Buddhist marriage ceremonies are organized at monastery. Both bridge and groom wore traditional wedding costumes. Lama (like Pandit in Hinduism) does all rituals to sanction the wedding. Environment of Monastery is made pleasant by lighting butter lamps.  Traditional music is played during the wedding day. The new generations have started playing modern songs and music to celebrate wedding.

Unique Adventure International arranges marriage program at different Monasteries inside and outside of Kathmandu Valley. Among them Monasteries at Namobuddha, Kapan, Swayambhunath and Boudhanath are more popular.


We would like you to know that although we try to follow the program given above, at times local trails or weather conditions may compel us to make slight changes if necessary. The itinerary may also vary slightly subject to our trekkers' acclimatization rates. This odyssey goes into untamed territory above the timberline, so we seek to request maximum flexibility if and when required for the safety of your trip and your life. Thank you so much for your understanding. We value your precious life.

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