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Nepal is country with splendors of Mother Nature and grandeurs of multiethnic people. Diversified holiday activities ranging from adventure to luxury and wilderness to heritage are possible only in Nepal. Unique Adventure International is highly dedicated towards providing momentous holiday experience arranged with quality services and impeccable hospitality. 

At Unique Adventure International we encourage our valued clients to travel the local way. Traversing through the high snowcapped mountain passes and trekking to the foothills of gigantic mountains like world’s tallest Mt. Everest requires local way of thinking. The company is pleased to state that we are the first company to introduce and recruit Travel Planners as full time staff. All our efforts are centered towards surpassing the guests’ expectations and maintaining sustainable tourism environment in Nepal. 

For creation of vivacious journey to any destination, factors affecting traveling should contrive exceptionally well. We have crew members of different expertise. Peak Climbing Guides, Trekking Guides, City Guides, Language Guides, Drivers, High Altitude Specialists, Travel Planners, Airport Representatives, Correspondent, Historians and Sherpa are foundations of the company. Together we embark on splendid journey of alluring destinations of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India for activities like trekking, day tours, hiking, jungle safari, rafting, bungee, peak climbing, expedition, heritage tour, bird watching, helicopter tour and custom trips. 

Meticulously planned and updated itineraries offered in competitive price are guaranteed with us. You won’t regret traveling with us. After traveling with us you will feel proud to share the travel tale for generations to come. 

Why Book With Us?

Nearly two decades of experience in the field of Nepal Trekking and Tour has helped us maintain quality during trip organization in Nepal. Here are some of our strengths and expertise. 

Two Decades of Experience

We have seen the various evolution of tourism in Nepal. From old traditional style of tourism management to contemporary trend of tourism we have experienced all. In about two decades of journey we have served thousands of guests. Strong bonding with local accommodation and catering suppliers in any destination has been established. We are the pioneer trekking agency based in Thamel and entire Nepal.

Updated Itineraries, Competitive Rates and Travel Planners

During off season we send our travel planners to explore the destinations. Lots of changes are happening and correct itinerary preparation is must for making guest happy. We are keen to provide authentic information to our valued clients. All our packages are meticulously designed and are offered to customers in the most reasonable rates. 

Diversified Holiday Packages

We have over 200 different holiday packages to choose. Trekking, Climbing, Adventure, Heritage, Family, Leisure, Safari and Custom Trips are available with us. From popular destinations to off the beaten trails we have tried to accommodate all forms of touristic activities that are possible. 

Certified, Awards and Local Approach

We are government registered company. We are associated with numerous tourism organizations based in Nepal and beyond. We are equally glad to state that we have been awarded numerous times by Nepal Government, Tourism Bodies and various International Travel Organizations.

Uncompromising Approach for Service & Hospitality

Nepal is known for being very courteous and liberal to its visitors. Unique Adventure International always provides counseling, workshop and training to its crew members about providing quality services and impeccable hospitality. This is our major principle. Surpassing guests’ expectations is our utmost priority.

Diversified Crew Members 

We have more than 150 staffs in our company. We deliberately assembled people from different ethnic background and expertise. In order to provide authentic information about Nepal’s culture, traditions and natural resources we require locals with experience as well as qualification. Trekking Guides, Climbing Sherpas, Tour Guides, Drivers, Porters, Mule Operators, Office Assistants, Airport Representatives, Travel Planners and Correspondents are core group of staffs in our company. 

Proven Track Record

Our clients are happy and satisfied by our services. Lots of positive reviews and care poured by our valued clients on reviewing sites really prove our mettle in creating momentous holiday for our guests. 

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