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Places to See in India

A vast landscape culturally flourished peninsular extended from the northern high Himalayan region to the low land of south surrounded by Indian Ocean is alone India. India where more than five thousand years of civilization has left a rich cultural legacy is the land of intrigue, excitement, and great beauty. Himalayan peaks, historical sites where ancient civilization has flourished, green valleys of gigantic plain and arid deserts of Thar, the Mugul king’s architect splendor-the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Quatub Minar, Pink City of Jaipur and other landscape splendors such as Ladak (a little Tibet) in Jammu & Kashmir, Kulu Minali, Sikkim, Darjeeling and many more are not to be missed. India has left nothing to make it a bride in the clad of all of the precious ornaments, robes and the ancient secrets that have brought an impressive exposure among the people of the world. India is a country of its magnificent magical views where nothing is left to imagine. Discover a new world of fantastic recreational land with us

It would be awful justification if every description were given in superlatives. Dear guest, it is up to you how you interpret this world of amazing.


Taj Mahal

Welcome to one of the Seven Wonders of the World! For those of you who are romantic at heart, this destination is unparalleled; the synonym of India, the magnificent architecture and the aesthetic beauty in White Makrana marble invites everyone from the world over for an experience of a lifetime.

Taj Mahal - History
Historically, it is the mausoleum of the mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal. The majestic and marvelous tomb is a must visit for the historians and the romantics alike since ages. The image of the one of the man's proudest creation is unique as a tomb and the grandeur associated with the mortal remains is till date unmatched on Earth.

Taj Mahal - Architecture
The splendid building is not only emperor Shah Jahan's symbol of love for his beloved, or just another example of the mughal architecture it is a contribution to the world heritage.

Taj Mahal - Construction
This love's labor involved 22 long years of effort by 20,000 odd people. The construction of the tomb began in 1931, when Mumtaz Mahal passed away while giving birth to Shah Jahan's 14th child and was finally completed in 1953.

Taj Mahal - View
The description of the magnificence of the elegy becomes wordless both at dawn and dusk. The view of the beauty of the mausoleum remains unsurpassed in human minds if seen glowing in the light of the full moon.

Taj Mahal - Setting
The flowing Jamuna right behind the palatial monument adds to its beauty. The tourists flock to the spot to experience the soul stirring romance that still lingers in the air around the 'Crown Palace'. The splendor stands in full glory on the high podium with a paradise setting of walled gardens. Lawns, gardens, pools and mosques aptly surround the huge building, on the banks of one of the most sacred rivers of the religious land of India.

Taj Mahal - Love's Labour
This world-renowned are related to the onion shaped domes and the flanking towers in relaxed the park setting. Each work of art with the lavish use of gem stones on the flawless marble are an example of perfection. There are instances of the creation of flower motifs with as many as 64 pieces of precious stones.

Taj Mahal - Inspirations
The ethereal creation of the building was worth each day of work. The craftsmanship can no longer be as beautiful as the piece. The original masterpiece has inspired several other arts like Thomas and William Danielle, Albert Goodwin and Erastus Salisbury Field to replicate the glory in picture on canvas. Each of them has found a place the libraries, and museums aboard 



Welcome to the most picturesque state of India, Rajasthan. The culturally rich state of Rajasthan is popular for a range of things. The elephants, camels, bird sanctuaries, festivals and fairs, forts, luxury trains, folk dance/music, arts/crafts, and royalty you name it and Rajasthan has it. So the next time you are planning a vacation for yourself, family or friends do consider the royal land of
Rajasthan. In case you have already been there.

Rajasthan - Fast Facts
The diversity of this desert land is sure to leave you spell bound. Rajasthan happens to be the largest state of India with an area of 3.42 lac sq. kms. Rajasthan also boasts of being the only desert of the sub continent, namely the Great Indian Desert in combination with the Aravali mountain range. The development in all the aspects of life of the people of Rajasthan has not faded the charisma, color and charm a bit. The land still speaks of the chivalry of its rulers; the palaces are evidence of the royalty that reigned for centuries. Rajasthan is the abode of the kings, that is, Raja's sthan (place).

Rajasthan - Wildlife
The magic of Rajasthan cannot be described as beautifully but can only be done justice to by experience. The lavish landscape of Rajasthan is home to variety of birds and animals that are rare and even endangered, like the desert fox and the caracal. Amongst the best-known wildlife areas are the Ranthambore National Park, the sariska Tiger Reserve, Keoladeo Ghana National Park and the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The beauty of these places never fails to capture the hearts of the nature lovers. The Keoladeo National Park used to the duck hunting reserve of the kings at one point of time but today features as one of the world heritage sites in India.

Rajasthan - Luxury trains
Most of the luxury trains of India chugs through Rajasthan. The 'palace on Wheels' is an example of the best luxury trains in the world. With the royal treatment and the ravishing experience the journey becomes an unforgettable one. The comfort, the cuisine, the charm of the land when all of these ingredients are put together you are bound to get a collection of unique memories. The Royal Orient and the Fairy Queen, the oldest running steam locomotive of the world are the other examples of the trains that are out there to provide you a once in a lifetime experience.



Kerala, God's Own Country is in short, a bundle of goodies for you. India is proud of this southern state because of the exotic landscape, varied culture and customs, high literacy rate approx. 90% and the enthusiasm of the people. You are welcome to the kaleidoscopic Kerala - the tourism destination of the future.

Kerala - Kerala Tourism
It is not surprising to note that innumerable travelers and tourists flock to the southwest tip of the Indian main land. In fact the department of tourism of the state has been repeatedly winning awards for their excellent performance. The holiday packages to Kerala are popular world over and appreciated by the National Geographic and the Lonely Planet.

Kerala - Natural Beauty
Besides the beautiful beaches and the mystifying monsoons, the land of coconuts is bountiful in terms of natural beauty indeed. The combination of the simplicity and beauty of Kerala is mesmerizing.

Kerala - Ayurveda
A part of your holiday in Kerala can also be invested in rejuvenating yourself the natural way. The naturalist branch of medicine, namely Ayurveda is followed extensively in Kerala. The travelers and the tourists may prevent their ailments besides curing them. Right from the immunization and longevity process to slimming and beauty enhancements the range of treatments cater to variety of people. There are several curative and restorative packages being offered to the travelers to Kerala.

Kerala - Boat Race
The boat race held in the backwater country of Kerala another event that just should not be missed. The teams of people get together to celebrate the harvest festival Onam. The energetic people row the snake boats follow the colorful water parades.



Has the combination of Sun, Sand, Sea and Surf ever tempted you to take a break from the daily monotonous chores that you perform so religiously? Indian visit reveals the balmy beaches of India, the perfect escapade for the fun loving holiday seekers. India with its long coastline of 7500 kms, offers some of the most exotic beach holidays in the world. The great peninsula with the Indian Ocean in the middle and accompanied by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal on each side besides the two archipelagos of Lakshadweep and Andamans is perfect for beach holidays for tourists the world over. The young state of Goa certainly happens to be the Beach Capital of India. It offers the perfect spot for the novice divers. The blaze of glory, the beautiful waves, the swinging palms and the many hues of the sky, the nature is for sure at its best at the beaches.

Beaches - All Over
India boasts of many beaches of Goa in the West, Kovalam in the South and Gopalpur-On-Sea in the East. Once a small fishing village Gopalpur-On-Sea is now a major destination on the Beach tourism map of India. So you may head towards any direction of the Indian peninsula and be invited to the sun bathed beaches. The never-ending shores and the untouched oceanic horizons seem to be mesmerizing. The photogenic dawn and dusks at the beaches are sure to be repetitive visitor to the shores.

Beaches - Digha
For the beach tourists visiting India there is the dream destination of Digha. The Digha beach lies on the eastern coast of India. The perfect holiday spot of Digha beach is popular for its flat and hard beaches.

Beaches - Goa
The palm fringed bays and the sea waves seem to possess a soothing property unattained by many medicines. The beautiful blues of the sky and the beach repeatedly attract tourists. Down south we have the Covelong beach that even has a fishing settlement besides the sandy beach. Silvery fish in the small boats give a feel of the rustic lifestyle of the people. It has an excellent stretch besides the ruins of Old fort and church. The sundecks along with the ethnic setting of a village provide an advantage to the tourists at the Kovalam beach in Kerala. Besides Kovalam lives true to its name, which means a grove of coconut trees on the Malabar Coast. Being the most popular beach amongst sea surfers, the Kovalam beach is renowned for the yoga and other health related activities.

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