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Tours in Bhutan

Hidden in the eastern Himalayan between India and China (Tibet), as big as Switzerland but sparsely populated, Bhutan exerts a definite and special charm. Its mountains are magnificent, its forests are dense, its architecture is imposing, and its art is superb. Most striking of all is the role of religion: Bhutan is the only country in the world devoted to the Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism and the influence of the red-robed Lamas is visible at every turn.

Mingle with admiring beauties and baffling puzzles is the major source of attracting visitors, It has long been inaccessible for many travelers and still it reserves the number of visitor in limited amount. As a result its well-preserved cultures and traditions, the magnificent views of mountain ranges give you the outstanding pleasure to your hard gained holidays.

Strolling round the wrought ancient forts, well-adorned monasteries, Chhorten (commemorative monuments) dotting the landscape, fluttering flags, prayer wheels turned by swift water of mountain streams are unforgettable experience.

Tours in Bhutan Package

Dragon Heart Tour Nepal | Adventure
11 Nights 12 Days
USD 3,840
Druk Yul Tour Nepal | Adventure
4 Nights 5 Days
USD 1,600
Flying from Kathmandu to Paro Nepal | Adventure
2 Nights 3 Days
USD 1,050
11 Nights 12 Days
USD 3,840
East to West Bhutan Tour Nepal | Adventure
9 Nights 10 Days
USD 3,200

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