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The Kingdom of Bhutan is a land locked mountainous country. The country extends from the little above the sea level up to 7600m elevation of high Himalayas with varying climatic conditions assorting from hot humid to alpine depending upon different altitudes and seasons. It is perhaps the last of Shangri-La’s which is even known as the Druk-Yul -- The Land Of Thunder Dragon.

Bhutan is rich in Buddhist culture and considered as one of the best trekking destinations in the world. The breathtaking sceneries, diverse climatic condition with natural wealth of flora and fauna, magnificent mountains, scenic beauty, forest, crystalline air, a self sufficient and friendly people, terrific art and architecture and deep valley beyond the touch of modernization. For any visitor on a multiday tour to Bhutan, hiking and camping in rich natural beuaty of Bhutan is wonderful experience. 

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