After the successful summit of Mt. Sagarmatha (Everest) in 1953, Nepal is recognized as attractive destination among the adventure and nature lovers. Since then trekking and Mountaineering have been the major natural tourism products of Nepal which have earned lot of fame. In spite of political instability, during the last decade, Nepalese tourism sustained and growing with rays of hopes.

Tourism – a set of activities aimed at attracting visitors to a geographical area, receiving the visitors and satisfying their demands- is a particularly complex industry, so  is a fragile. Residential activities, transportation; services in the place of origin and at the place of destination all are its contents. All those components overlap and function in the influence of each other.

Tourism in a non isolated economic phenomenon that encompasses all the investment, production, distribution and consumption activities undertaken in the process of attracting, receiving and satisfying visitor demand. It gives rise to overdevelopment along with significant economic, social, cultural, environmental and human costs.

Unique Adventure International believes the concept of corporate social responsibility as the concept of responsibility i.e. we should be accountable to our society and its stakeholders and all economic and environmental components within which we perform our business activities.

We follow a set of policy to address company’s responsibility towards the society.

  • We organize our trips in an environmentally acceptable way,
  •  We choose accommodations diligently,
  •  We carefully assess destinations,
  •  We involve local communities,
  •  We pay fair and appropriate wages, salaries and  fees,
  • We respect labour standards,
  • We operate in a culture of partnership and make matters transparent.

Unique Adventure International is adventure activities organizer managed and directed by a team who personally keep participating in social and welfare activities.

Mr. Khum Bahadur Subedi (Director/Journalist Tourism) – Director of the company is a dedicated person. He started his career in tourism since 1992. He has already carried out several social activities by holding different positions in tourism related organizations. He used to hold a position of Treasurer in Trekking Agencies' Associations of Nepal (TAAN) 2009-2012 and currently holding position as Senior Vice President at Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) for the year 2017-2019.

Mr. Subedi is a versatile man. He is a travelogue writer and a Tourism Journalist. He regularly contributes on social activities through different social organizations.

We are affiliated to

  • Taan Nepal
  • Nma Nepal
  • pata Nepal
  • Ntb Nepal
  • Keep Nepal
  • VITOF Nepal
  • Expedition Operators Assocaition Nepal (EOA)
  • thamel tourism
  • atta-members

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