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We have always been committed to the wellbeing of mountain communities. During the earthquakes that hit Nepal in 2015, we initiated a project called: Hand in Hand Nepal’’ – with the aim to ‘Keep the Mountains Clean – Give back to the Community’’. The concept behind our Program is based on the culture of ‘Travel with a purpose’. We seek to make a difference to communities in need in areas we trek to… the purpose is to start from within and spread the dollar around.  Your trips with us can make some differences…big differences in small ways.

Our Mission: is making differences with a purpose

Ours is always a constant search to provide trips in a league of its own.– we are always trying to offer something different, not exactly different things but things done in different ways as much as possible. We want our guests to explore nature and its non fictional myths while experiencing ancient religious beliefs and rich mountain culture in ways that are new and meaningful when visiting our country. 

The purpose of our journeys is to avoid trails that are congested by tourists with systematic planning in peak seasons.  It is always our desire to soak our clients into the rich culture of the places we visit. We are constantly striving to create a balance between routine sightseeing and real contact with local people and families, perhaps even share a meal with them, especially in areas we trek to. 

The Vision: Exploring new frontiers with safety a priority 

Since mountaineering has always been the core of our strength from the time of our establishment, our Vision has always been to show you the real Himalayan world for what it is; we do not just pass by some harsh isolated spots that would otherwise be ignored by others; because this helps you to understand the beauty within of certain remote regions where local folks live by traditions unknown to the known world. The forethought is to make sure we go the mile to ensure our guests are given a standard of service and care that ensures safety without forgetting the fun, camaraderie and spirit of stimulating adventure, when above the timberline. Our painstaking detailed planning which goes into preparing your expeditions is sometimes worked out months in advance prior to your arrival in Nepal. Unique Adventureover the years, has learnt the hard way to believe that somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb, taking risks that can be fatal’’

Nevertheless, at Unique Adventure, the vision will always be to explore new frontiers with safety being our top priority.

Welcome to the Himalayan state of Nepal! Explore a new world so different from the others you’ve known…it’s a Unique Adventurous world you will never forget in a hurry…

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