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Taj Mahal
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Taj Mahal
Welcome to one of the Seven Wonders of the World! For those of you who are romantic at heart, this destination is unparalleled; the synonym of India, the magnificent architecture and the aesthetic beauty in White Makrana marble invites everyone from the world over for an experience of a lifetime.

Taj Mahal - History
Historically, it is the mausoleum of the mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal. The majestic and marvelous tomb is a must visit for the historians and the romantics alike since ages. The image of the one of the man's proudest creation is unique as a tomb and the grandeur associated with the mortal remains is till date unmatched on Earth.

Taj Mahal - Architecture
The splendid building is not only emperor Shah Jahan's symbol of love for his beloved, or just another example of the mughal architecture it is a contribution to the world heritage.

Taj Mahal - Construction
This love's labor involved 22 long years of effort by 20,000 odd people. The construction of the tomb began in 1931, when Mumtaz Mahal passed away while giving birth to Shah Jahan's 14th child and was finally completed in 1953.

Taj Mahal - View
The description of the magnificence of the elegy becomes wordless both at dawn and dusk. The view of the beauty of the mausoleum remains unsurpassed in human minds if seen glowing in the light of the full moon.

Taj Mahal - Setting
The flowing Jamuna right behind the palatial monument adds to its beauty. The tourists flock to the spot to experience the soul stirring romance that still lingers in the air around the 'Crown Palace'. The splendor stands in full glory on the high podium with a paradise setting of walled gardens. Lawns, gardens, pools and mosques aptly surround the huge building, on the banks of one of the most sacred rivers of the religious land of India.

Taj Mahal - Love's Labour
This world-renowned are related to the onion shaped domes and the flanking towers in relaxed the park setting. Each work of art with the lavish use of gem stones on the flawless marble are an example of perfection. There are instances of the creation of flower motifs with as many as 64 pieces of precious stones.

Taj Mahal - Inspirations
The ethereal creation of the building was worth each day of work. The craftsmanship can no longer be as beautiful as the piece. The original masterpiece has inspired several other arts like Thomas and William Danielle, Albert Goodwin and Erastus Salisbury Field to replicate the glory in picture on canvas. Each of them has found a place the libraries, and museums aboard 
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