Company Info

Unique Adventure International Pvt. Ltd is identified as Nepal?s top and autonomously owned adventure travel agency. It is endorsed by a group of trekking and tours trade experts and holds an experience of a decade-long in adventurous voyage in the Himalayan kingdom. The agency offers ample choices of services on mountain expeditions, trekking, peak climbing and other enjoyable adventurous activities so as to provide satisfaction of groups as well as individuals and groups. We organize trips in a really proficient manner letting you experience natural beauty and local culture when allocating the advantages of eco tourism with our local regions and their populace.

Unique Adventure International Pvt. Ltd is formally affiliated under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Nepal and holds license number to function all the tourism allied activities in Nepal. We handle all broad trip arrangements which comprise hotel booking, transportation, flight ticketing, visa or entry permits etc. We also have link with tourism-related agencies: Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Expedition Operator Association (EOA), Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP), and several other.

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to lift up environmental alertness amid mountaineers and trekkers who go for the trips in Nepal and Tibet via Unique Adventure International. We offer all the necessary information to our customer regarding how to reduce the unhelpful effects of their journey and aware them to enthusiastically involve in the safeguarding of our delicate environment. We are also exceptionally concerned in our hard work to uphold the vulnerable local cultures within the nation.
The increase in temperature in the Himalayan regions in Nepal pretenses threats to the people residing in mountainous region for the reason of high danger of Glacial Lake Outbursts Floods (GLOFs). Our company requests the world to discover a familiar solution to put away the mountains from global warming.

What makes us Unique?

UAI is greatly identified as terrific service, with universal reputation of our extremely proficient team of climbers, leaders and Sherpas, first-rate safety measures record on the mountain expedition in Nepal and Tibet. Since 1997, we have managed to organize above 57 expeditions in diverse world's standard peaks having elevation of more than 8000 m including the word?s Mount Everest. Likewise, all our team members are enthusiastic, highly qualified and have adequate mountain climbing training, experience as well as knowledge on natural, historical, cultural and other necessary aspects of Nepal to guide you on your journey.

Quality and Value:

Our quality services are anticipated to put forward a rewarding and memorable experience for you. We have been able to introduce ourselves as one of the best travel agencies in Nepal since we offer the best service to our clients in reasonable costs and no other trekking agencies can compete with us regarding our unmatched services.


Safety has for all time been our peak priority and we endeavor to generate the safest peak experience as much as feasible. Careful preparation and attentive care are taken independently as we speculate into high elevation climbing.

Group Size:

We design our entire adventurous journey for adventure lovers for both small and large groups and simply for an individual. Duration of the trekking and expedition can be lengthy or short one as per your desire.

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