Mount Kailash Tour

Mount Kailash is widely famous in Asian region that lies in the far west of Tibet. It is considered as the sacred mountain in Hindus, Buddhists and the religions spread over India, Nepal and Tibet. The beauty of the mountain is accompanied by the emerald-green serene Manasarovar Lake, which lies 30km away from the Mt. Kailash. The mountain is the origin of the Nepal's longest river the Karnali and other famous rivers of India like the Indus, the Sutlej and the Brahmaputra. These rivers make the way through great Tibetan Plateau. The Mt. Kailash and the Manasarovar Lake are important pilgrimage sites for Tibetan and Indian pilgrims.

The pilgrims attempt 53km circular path around it, which is known as Kora, of the Mt. Kailash. The clockwise circumambulation is attempted by Hindus and Buddhists anti-clockwise circumambulation by Bon followers of Tibet. The altitude of the mountain is 6714m with snow capped vertical landscape. Even the Manasarovar Lake having its circular distance of approximately 90km is attempted by Indian and Tibetan pilgrims regarding it as formed in the mind of Brahma—the unified force field of energy—according to the Hindus and Buddhists mythology. .

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